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Wie hat das Dashboard das Verhalten der Nutzer von CarPlay verändert?

How has the new dashboard changed the behaviour of CarPlay users?

With iOS 13, Apple has fundamentally revised CarPlay. The car interface has been made more practical and at the same time it is more independent from the iPhone.

One of the highlights was the new dashboard Apple introduced for CarPlay with iOS 13. It displays information from several apps. Next to a window with the map and one with the current navigation instructions, another window is available for the currently used audio app. Optionally, the calendar is also displayed if an appointment is pending and the audio app is not being used.

Change in CarPlay users behavior since the update

Notwithstanding the much expressed criticism that the Dashboard only shows the Apple Map as a map, the Dashboard is a clear and convenient screen. Before the introduction of the Dashboard, Google Apps or temporarily Waze was the only navigation app used.

Since the introduction of the Dashboard this has changed – albeit insidiously. The dashboard as an overview screen is my default screen for me. And it is easy to select the displayed navigation button “Work” when you start your trip, which automatically takes you to the Apple map view. The same applies to Siri, which also leads to Apple Maps after entering the navigation request. Unfortunately, one is not automatically guided back to Dashboard from the map menu, so that a renewed kick on the Dashboard button is necessary.

Waze or Goole Maps is not really missing. An interesting development, which was not foreseeable in this way.

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