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iOS 13.2 and CarPlay – what is new?

Apple has been making iOS version 13.2. available to users for download since October 28. iOS 13.2. brings many features originally announced for iOS 13 and fixes a number of bugs in iOS 13. Also iOS 13.2 and CarPlay get a refresh. What has changed?

iOS 13.2 and CarPlay – that has changed

With the new iOS 13.2, Apple has only made visual adjustments to CarPlay. This is especially visible in the music screen, which is much more balanced. Some large album cover images have been visually adjusted. This is also true for other applications like Waze. We could not detect any other changes so far.

At the top of the wish list is still that Apple also allows third-party apps to be viewed on the new home screen. These apps can only be displayed in full screen view.

What is your experience?

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