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CarPlay und iOS13

Our experience with CarPlay and iOS13 since the update

With iOS13, Apple has updated CarPlay in many areas and equipped it with new functions. Since the introduction of CarPlay in 2014, this has been one of the biggest feature enhancements. We use CarPlay in combination with a Clarion NX807E* in a Mercedes C class.  ( our detailed report )

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CarPlay and iOS13 – the changes

CarPlay has clearly matured under iOS13. In addition to the expansion of the expansion and reorganization of the overview page, we particularly like the fact that the iPhone and the radio can now be used independently of each other. Until now, the open app on the iPhone was always displayed on the screen in the car. Apple separated that. ( this is how the photos for the article were taken )

Apple has added a new overview page. This page displays information from several apps. A large window displays the map with the current navigation instructions. Unfortunately this only works with Apple Maps. Google Maps users must access the app from the menu and the map will be displayed in the familiar full screen mode.

Beside the large map window there is another window available for the currently used audio app and in the lower part the Apple calendar with the next appointment is available. If you click on the appointment, you can transfer the data to the navigation.  You can access the new overview page by wiping to the right on the Home screen or by clicking on the new logo at the bottom left of the screen.

New features in Apple Maps and Google Maps

Since the update to iOS 13, Apple Maps also displays tempo limits and traffic lights. In addition, Apple has significantly improved the map data and added many details. However, this is currently limited to the USA. Whether and to what extent this will be rolled out in other regions is not yet clear.  A nice feature is also the function to send a contact a message about the current arrival time. All in all, Apple has significantly improved its navigation app.

Google Maps is still usable with the same features and views. Those who can do without the new overview screen will still find the better alternative in Google Maps.

More CarPlay features in iOS 13

Since the upgrade to iOS 13, CarPlay now also has its own settings app, which can be accessed via the Home screen. This saves you the hassle of using your iPhone to turn on or off options like Dark Mode and Do Not Disturb. From our point of view, this is one of the most helpful new features. The views for Music, Phone or WhatsApp have also been visually refreshed.

Siri, on the other hand, has reduced its size. At least with our Clarion, Siri suddenly no longer understands terms like “office” or “home” when dialing via voice control and lists all the numbers of a contact that then have to be selected manually.

CarPlay and iOS 13 – our conclusion

With the upgrade to iOS13, CarPlay has matured significantly and is even more fun to use. It remains to be seen when the new features of the card app will also be available in Germany. We would also be happy about even more third party apps. It remains to be seen what Apple will launch in 2020.

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